Unblock Your Chakras

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Welcome to your chakra balancing challenge! Today we will cover the general concept of chakras, take a quiz to identify your weakest chakra, and practice chakra meditation that will help unblock your chakras. This meditation will prepare you for a deeper spiritual journey in the coming weeks, where we will explore each individual chakra in detail.

Make the most of the experience!


Chakras are energetic centers located along the spine, running from the base to the crown of the head. Life energy flows through these channels, acting as both receivers and transmitters of energy from the electromagnetic field. Chakras allow us to absorb energy from the environment and release excess energy. The more open our chakras are, the more energy we can absorb and give to the energetic world around us.

Chakras regulate all processes within the body, whether physical or spiritual. While they are not physical in nature, chakras have a significant impact on our organs and physical health.

Although there are many chakras, we will focus on the 7 main chakras during this challenge.

Please familiarize yourself with basic chakra information by exploring the pictures below.

➡️ Learn more about chakras here: https://peaceinside.me/chakras


To determine your weakest chakra, take a quiz that is designed to identify the chakra requiring the most attention. Write down the letter of your answer to each question.

1. Which aspect is currently missing from your life, but is important to you?

  • A - Financial stability and security for basic material needs (e.g., money, housing, food, and essential goods)
  • B - Connection with your higher self through a meditation practice
  • C - Compassion and empathy towards yourself and others
  • D - Intuition, foresight, and ability to notice and understand signs
  • E - Creative manifestation, new ideas, and creativity
  • F - Communication, listening skills, and good relationships with others
  • G - Self-control and willpower

2. Imagine a rainbow in your mind - which color appears least bright?

  • A - Red ❤️
  • B - Purple or white 💜 🤍
  • C - Green or pink 💚💖
  • D - Indigo, a dark blue color with a violet undertone 💜💙
  • E - Orange 🧡
  • F - Blue 💙
  • G - Yellow 💛

3. Which statement least describes your current state?

  • A - I feel stable in life and finances
  • B - I am connected to the universe, my inner self, and my soul
  • C - I am able to express love, compassion, and empathy towards myself and others
  • D - I trust my intuition and listen to it without doubts
  • E - I embody creativity, abundance, and joyfulness
  • F - I am able to speak the truth and accept others' viewpoints, even if they differ from mine
  • G - I possess strength, courage, and a clear understanding of who I am and what I want

4. Which element do you feel the weakest connection with today?

  • A - Earth
  • B - Thought
  • C - Air
  • D - Light
  • E - Water
  • F - Ether
  • G - Fire

5. What is your biggest challenge currently?

  • A - Depression, high anxiety, or exhaustion
  • B - Discord with oneself, loneliness, or difficulty expressing emotions
  • C - Feelings of unworthiness, vulnerability to manipulation, or codependency
  • D - Cynicism, lack of trust in others, or focus on results
  • E - Fear of change/have a creative crisis/feel sexually unsatisfied/emotionally unstable
  • F - Fear of asking for what you need or difficulty hearing others around you
  • F - Indecisiveness, lack of self-knowledge, or low confidence in oneself

6. What health problems or discomforts do you experience?

  • A - Constipation, abdominal pain, or bloating
  • B - Migraines, headaches, or eye problems
  • C - Respiratory problems, asthma, or allergies
  • D - Skin problems, acne, or eczema
  • E - Heart problems, high blood pressure, or palpitations
  • F - Problems with the musculoskeletal system, such as back or joint pain
  • G - Problems with the reproductive system, sexuality and libido, or hormonal disbalance

7. What would you like to bring into your life?

  • A - A career that I am passionate about and driven towards.
  • B - Inner peace and a connection with my spirituality.
  • C - Improved self-esteem and stronger relationships with others.
  • D - Confidence in making decisions
  • E - Opportunities for creativity and a healthy sex life.
  • F - More open communication with others and a greater ability for self-expression.
  • G - A boost in confidence and a clearer sense of direction and purpose in life.

RESULTS ⬇️⬇️⬇️

❤️ If you mostly answered A, your weakest chakra is the first one - Muladhara. To balance this chakra, you need to bring stability into your life, express your feelings of loss and anger, and define your basic values and life goals.

🤍 If you mostly answered B, your weakest chakra is the seventh one - Sahasrara. An imbalanced Sahasrara can lead to loneliness, lack of faith, and apathy. Deep meditation can help open and balance this chakra. In an ideal state, you enjoy solitude.

💚 If you mostly answered C, your weakest chakra is the fourth one - Anahata. A closed Anahata can cause fear of love, jealousy, mistrust, and an unwillingness to forgive. To open this chakra, you need to love yourself and accept your divine essence.

💜 If you mostly answered D, your weakest chakra is the sixth one - Ajna. To open the sixth chakra, try to listen to your inner voice when making decisions. Develop your intuition. Your true desires will lead you to your path. The more you trust your inner instincts, the easier it will be to open the third eye.

🧡 If you mostly answered E, your weakest chakra is the second one - Svadhisthana. An imbalanced Svadhisthana can lead to a lack of creativity, sexual problems, and even fertility issues. To balance this chakra, develop your creativity, rest as much as possible, and explore your sexuality. Strive for harmony and balance in money and sex.

💙 If you mostly answered F, your weakest chakra is the fifth one - Vishuddha. A closed Vishuddha can make you feel unheard and insignificant. To balance this chakra, speak your thoughts openly, sing, and take care of your throat. Avoid lying and speaking out of necessity.

💛 If you mostly answered G, your weakest chakra is the third chakra - Manipura. If this chakra is weak, you may experience shyness, indecision, and a feeling of being out of place. To strengthen the third chakra, it's important to learn to accept yourself, take action towards your goals, and claim your place in the world.


➡️ In this guided meditation, we'll dive into the fascinating world of chakras! Alongside the 7 main chakras, we'll explore the 8th one called Bindu, also known as the Moon center, located at the base of the skull. This chakra is associated with the concept of divine nectar, symbolizing the ultimate connection between our individual selves and the universal consciousness.

Bindu is a special spot for meditation and spiritual practices, believed to be the very source of divine energy and the doorway to higher realms of awareness. When our Bindu chakra is balanced, it works wonders in calming our emotions, fostering harmony, and nurturing an overall sense of well-being.

Let's discover the magic within as we unblock and harmonize the 8 energy centers, unlocking the profound benefits they can bring to your mind, body, and soul.


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